Fuue is a creator team composed of three members: Hiroyuki Matsuishi of graphic designer/art director,Jusen Matsuishi of Caligrapher/Calligraphy Instructor, Yuji Matsuishi of Web Director/Copywriter. We will introduce our activities and works, introduce creators who are our friends, and sell works. We are also looking for creators who can participate. If you are interested, please contact us.


Hiroyuki Matsuishi

Graphic Designer
Art Director

Born in Fukuoka in 1965. Received his BA in Design, Faculty of Fine Arts at the Kyusyu Sangyo University in Fukuoka, Japan.
He established his own design office, specializing in designing brand logos, packages, advertisement, etc.
He is a member of Japan Typography Association.
For 15 years, he has been energetically engaging in highly original poster works on the theme of environmental issues.
He won various major awards at many international competitions and his poster works are in the possession of 26 museums and galleries worldwide.
Every year, many famous international art exhibitions ask him to provide his works and participate in the exhibitions.

Awards received:
Won a Gold Award at Graphis Poster Annual 2021.
Won a Iron Award at A' Design Award 2018-2019.
BIO16 awards The Golden Medal and ICOGRADA Excellence Award to "BIO 16" 16th Biennale of Industrial Design in 1998.
Won a Merit Winners at Graphis Poster Annual 2016 & 2017.
Won a Judges' Special Award at Taiwan International Graphic Design Award 2015.
Won a Silver Award at The 5th China International Poster Biennial 2011.
Won a Second Prize at The 10th Tehran International Poster Biennial 2009.
Won a Bronze Award at The 3rd China International Poster Biennial 2007.
Won a 2005 Applied Typography, Mark and Symbol Category-Best Work Award. and more.


Jusen Matsuishi

Calligraphy Instructor

Born in Fukuoka in 1977. Began calligraphy from the age of 6, majoring in high school,
university and calligraphy. In addition to working as a pilot for department store in Fukuoka city,
we run a calligraphy classroom, calligraphy event, pen-lecture course etc. In March 2016 he left the department store.
Currently, while belonging to Hiroyuki Matsuishi Design Office, she continues writing calligraphy instructor,
calligraphy activities etc. Nishinihon Art Association commissioned writer,
The Nishinippon Shimbun Shodo Association calligraphy master, Ministry of Education,
Culture,Sports,Science and Technology-Japan Pen Examinations certified Grade 1.
Second Grand Prize at the 45th Western Japan Calligraphic Art Exhibition


Yuuji Matsuishi

Web Director

Born in Fukuoka in 1963. After graduating from Fukuoka University, after working as a free copywriter, Four freelance creators founded advertisement production company Impress.
Beside the advertisement production industry, he is also involved in opening and managing the art gallery inspiration plan, holding art exhibitions mainly of Fukuoka.
After leaving Impress, after experiencing the food and drink industry at Matsushishi Co., Ltd. as a food service company, again to freelance creators.
Currently he is involved in corporate advertisement production, website production, internet shop start-up production, promotion and operation support.
Y's Product representative / Managing Director, Areuse Inc.